Marmot Precip pant repair??

Posted by: RobA

Marmot Precip pant repair?? - 11/08/08 06:09 AM

So like a year ago I bought some of the pricey Precip pants. I used them about 10 days (only a few hours each day if that) and they ripped at the seam near the ankle.

I should have taken them back to REI/Marmot but....I didnt. And in all fairness I think they might be too long and they rubbed to rip the seam.

Anyway the stitches didn't rip, but the nylon tore along the seam. Whats the best fix to make these puppies last long enough to get my money out of them?

Posted by: Ben_

Re: Marmot Precip pant repair?? - 11/08/08 10:52 AM

If it were me, I would sew the rip together, sew a spiral around and through it to provide some structural support and use seam sealer to keep it waterproof. I wouldn't worry at all about breathability in one small area.
Posted by: TurkeyBacon

Re: Marmot Precip pant repair?? - 11/09/08 02:56 AM

I'll aggree with ben. Some hand stiching and skip the waterproofing as its at the bottom of the pants anyway.
You said they rubbed to get the rip... Fix the rub too. What are they rubbing against anyway.
Posted by: RobA

Re: Marmot Precip pant repair?? - 11/09/08 03:39 AM

they bunch up at my ankles and rub - I think.

Maybe they just ripped for some other reason, they were caught or snagged, no puncture hole etc. Just a 3 inch rip right along the seem.

I didnt know if there was some sort of sticky patch for the inside or something. But I'll get out a needle and thread and see what happens.
Posted by: Dracon

Re: Marmot Precip pant repair?? - 11/09/08 04:18 AM

Scott! Behave yourself! don't you know that it is impolite to ask a fella where his pants rub?!?!
Posted by: pennys

Re: Marmot Precip pant repair?? - 11/09/08 10:26 AM

before you do that you might try the peel and stick goretex patches sold in small kits for about $5 at EMS, REI and others. I forget if it's Kenyon or McNett that makes it.
Posted by: Paddy_Crow

Re: Marmot Precip pant repair?? - 11/09/08 12:28 PM

If you bought them at REI, you can still return them.
Posted by: CamperMom

Re: Marmot Precip pant repair?? - 11/12/08 08:37 AM

If the pants are rubbing and that caused the rip, how about shortening the pants on both legs? That may actually cut out the rip, so you are only changing the two hems.

As to a simple repair, I'm with Penny. Try Kenyon repair tape or another brand meant for patching high tech fabrics.

Posted by: Earthling

Re: Marmot Precip pant repair?? - 11/15/08 07:22 PM

Or how's about repairing the area with material made to withstand crampon use <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/smirk.gif" alt="" />